All Our Staff are Sommeliers

Group of Sommeliers Certified by the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA).
Carefully-Selected Collection by the Wine Shop Sommelier Staff

All of our shop staff are qualified professional sommeliers so that we can always recommend wines that correspond your requirements. From a professional point of view and with a wealthy wine knowledge and experience, we provide easy-to-understand explanations for beginners such as how to choose and drink wine. For wine lovers, we are always willing to give you information which is related on wine.

We recommend good wines with a simple and reliable way, which can only be achieved by the wine shop whose staff are all sommeliers.

Our Staff

Shinichi Ebata (Cellar Master)
Sommelier, Wine Hinshitsu Kantei-shi (certification in wine quality control), Food and Beverage Navigator
Favorite Wine:
Bordeaux red (Medoc)
Wine trivia and stories of wine and food
I have lectures irregularly and will invite you to the profound world of wine.
Minako Yamada (Roppongi Shop manager)
Sommelier (certified by JSA)
Favorite Wine:
All wines regardless of country
Wine pairing with home cooking and advising wine as a gift . We have mini events irregularly. Please come and visit our shop.
We hold mini events irregularly. Please visit our shop.
Julien Chabanis
WSET2(wine and spirit education trust)
Favorite Wine:
Full-bodied red (Bordeaux)
French wines, especially produced
in my hometown, Bordeaux.
I speak Japanese. Please feel free to ask me.
Michiko Miyazaki
Favorite Wine:
Wines of Viña Marty
You can count on me if you want to know about new world wines which are in the spotlight these days.
People tend to think wine is difficult, but the best thing is to enjoy drinking it! I'll be glad if I can help you。
Ayaka Kumaki
Sommelier (certified by JSA), licensed chef, and Certification of Cider Ambassador (CCA)
Favorite Wine:
Bourgogne, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc
Italy and France (Work experience as a sommelier in an Italian bar and a French bistro)
Rosé in spring, refreshing white in summer, gentle Pinot Noir in autumn, and full-bodied red going well with stews in winter. Enjoying suitable wines in each season is my motto! Let me suggest wines going well with food.
Kenichi Kuwabara
Sommelier (certified by JSA)
Favorite :
French and Italian wines
I try to serve our customers closely. Please feel free to ask me.
Michiru Nishida
WEST3(wine and spirit education trust)
Favorite Wine:
Wines with intense flavor from southern France
Wine-paring with food
I am mainly in charge of buying French wines. My experience working in restaurants for more than ten years can serve your selecting wine.

Our Commitment to Taste

We sell only what we are really convinced.
Thorough Investigation of Producers and Blind Tasting

Most of wines imported in Wine Shop Sommelier are directly from winery around the world. From the beginning, we contact directly with local producers to select wines.
We contact them not only by telephones and emails, but also visiting producers sometimes to see whether they are really trustworthy.

Wine is a beverage. So we do not import whose quality is not high enough.

We are proud of being a professional, and we only sell wines that satisfy by ourselves.

Our Commitment to Price and Quality


We want to deliver the local taste as it is Why we can offer high quality wines with reasonable prices

From producers all over the world, wines are delivered to customers through various channels. Careful consideration is needed to maintain the quality of wine all the way through.

Wine Shop Sommelier has a system to provide high quality and pricey wines by taking advantage of importing wine directly from producers to shorten complex distribution channels as much as possible, and adopting a wine-centric management system.

We make every effort to reduce costs and intermediate margins by directly delivering wines purchased in bulk lots to customers taking the shortest route.


Orders by 12 o'clock will be shipped on the same day!
Logistics focused on quality and speed

Our sommelier staff cannot hand wines physically to our customers in our online shop.

This is why we pay close attention to shipping operations such as picking and packaging wines, and we have introduced a system that delivers wines in a speedy and reliable manner so that they are packed carefully and you can enjoy them properly.

Shipping and Delivery Immediate response at two sites

We have established a system that enables us to quickly deliver wines which have been thoroughly managed from storing to shipping in our own state-of-the-art wine warehouse and contracted warehouses.

As wines are fragile, we focused on packaging and studied carefully to reduce the damage caused by accidents during delivery as much as possible, and achieved the current packaging style finally.

This reduces the risk of damage and ensures that wines are delivered to customers safely.

Nature-Friendly Eco-Packaging

Cardboard packaging materials were selected based on a series of prototypes and strength tests,  and chosen the ones which are not only resistant to shock but also generating less trash. Air cushions are added to prevent impact from the bottom thoroughly.

“We handle each wine carefully depending on its type and size.  We are thoroughly controlling the temperature of wines not only during packaging but also until handing them over to a delivery company.”

Our Commitment to Transporting and Storing Wines

We want to deliver the local taste as it is.

Our warehouse is modeled after an underground wine cave, reproducing the ideal environment for storing wine (keeping 60 – 70% humidity and room temperature 13 - 15 °C ).

We directly import wines from producers all over the world in reefer containers (constant-temperature containers) taking the shortest route, and wines are delivered to a wine warehouse specially planned for storing wines.

In order to deliver wines with the local taste as it is, we take special care for long transportation from producers to Japan, and transport them taking the shortest route.

Wines delivered to our warehouse are inspected one by one by our staff. Wine is so delicate that it is called 'crops'.

We set strict standards and inspect wines not to overlook any abnormality so that we can deliver them to our customers in the perfect condition.

During this process, if there is any damage such as a scratch found on the exterior (labels and bottles), the wine will be sold in a discount sale as an "imperfect (There is no problem with the contents at all, though.) product."

This is a unique and bargain plan by Wine Shop Sommelier, who imports wines directly.

What We Want to Deliver Is
"a Happy Life with Wine"

What we sommeliers want to deliver is a happy life with wine. Hoping that a rich wine culture will take root in Japan, we deliver wines one by one with all our heart.

The Wine and Food Complex is located a one-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi situated in there.

Various events are held at the Wine and Food Complex throughout the year. Such events include wine festivals with over hundreds of visitors each time and wine parties in which we suggest awine pairing with dishes made from seasonal ingredients, as well as winemaker's dinner in which you can enjoy the story of cultivation and brewing while tasting dinner with famous wine producers from around the world. We regularly hold these kinds of events so that participants get along well with each other through wine and food.

Roppongi THE Wine Festival Interaction beyond Age and Gender "Wine and Food Festival"

A popular collaboration event held every year at the Wine and Food Complex. The event includes dozens of carefully selected wines for all-you-can-drink, the chef's special gourmet food, as well as parties for participants. This event is so popular that the advance tickets are sold out every time.

Meetup event of Wine and Food Parties in Which You Can Enjoy the pairing with Food

It is a homey wine party in which you can enjoy not only a course meal with wine but also the interaction among participants and listen to lectures about the basic knowledge of wine. Every month, we will set a theme for the party and propose a combination of food and wine to our customers.

Maker’s Dinner An Exclusive Premium Wine Party for Adults with Wine Producers

An exclusive dinner party in which you can enjoy premium wines with wine producers. You can listen to lectures of overseas wine producers with a small group while enjoying a wine pairing with a special menu prepared for the occasion.

Bread-Baking Events for Kids Holiday Experience Events for Children Held at Our Group Stores

This is a bread-making experience event only for children, sponsored by L'Atelier du Pain which is our bakery who use natural yeast and stone kiln. In the event, children can learn ingredients and how to make breads from professional bakers with fun.

Shop Information

The Wine and Food Complex (21 Roppongi Building)

Our headquarters building is located only one-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station Exit 3. The building is marked by a big window and a red tent, and Wine Shop Sommelier is in there. The shop boasts an underground cellar with a storage capacity of approximately 5000 bottles. The cellar recreates the ideal environment for wine storage (keeping 60 ~ 70% humidity and 13 ~ 15 °C room temperature) and wines are carefully managed.

On the first floor, we have a selection of food and goods that we are particular about as a specialty store such as cheese, cured ham, olive oil, and wine glasses as well as wines such as reasonable wines, chilled champagne and sparkling wines, and everything is carefully selected by sommeliers.

On the second floor, we have a variety of wines from all over the world, limited-period sale products, and wine cellars (on display) and you can enjoy shopping to with being advised by professional sommeliers.

A message from shop manager Yamada, “I’m Yamada, the manager of Roppongi Branch. With a unique view as a woman, we try to be a shop that serves customers politely and makes them happy. For the opening of the Wine and Food Complex, I worked as the manager of the Italian restaurant Budo-shu Shokudo Sakura. With that experience, I will help you find wines that will make you happy, for today's meal and as a gift.
From Cellar Master Ebata, “We have white and red wines mainly from Bourgogne and Bordeaux regions of France that wine lovers envy in our underground wine cellar. If you are not sure which wine to choose, please feel free to ask our staff. We will do our best to help you find the best taste you want.”
“We are planning mini events such as one-coin tasting on weekends. Anyone can enjoy it. I will also participate in big events ‘Wine and Food Festival’ as a staff in spring and autumn. I love talking about wine and Japan, so feel free to talk to me, ‘Julian!’ if you see me in the store."

Italian Cuisine Which is Famous for Its Authentic Naples Pizza Baked in a Pizza Oven

A wine restaurant attached to the wine shop hoping that customers can enjoy wine more casually and on a daily basis. It’s a casual Italian restaurant where you can enjoy authentic pizza baked in a stone oven (It has a pink cherry blossom petal pattern by custom order) in the middle of the open kitchen. You can also buy your wines at Wine Shop Sommelier, attached to the restaurant.

Le Petit Marche Casual Neo Bistro French Restaurant

Same as Budo-shu Shokudo Sakura on the 1st floor, we want you to enjoy wines with food more casually and on a daily basis in this restaurant. In addition, you can enjoy aged meat, bread, cheese, fresh vegetables and sweets in this lively French bistro like a market. Although French gives an image of complicated manners, “bistro” originally means "casual restaurant." Le Petit Marche serves different dishes from Budo-shu Shokudo Sakura because they want to reproduce the image of a restaurant that everyone can use every day.

A Boulangerie Selected as Tabelog’s “100 Famous Boulangeries” Making Bread from Scratch and Baking in a Stone Oven in the Store

Many of you may be surprised to know there is a bakery with a stone oven in Roppongi. Contrary to the image that a bakery with a stone oven is located in deep in the mountains in the countryside, we made a stone oven for baking breads in the second floor of our building. Furthermore, our process of making bread is called "all-scratch method," which means all processes from making bread dough to selling breads are taken place in the same store. In other words, everything is "handmade!" A boulange, who had been an apprentice for famous Mr. Katsuei Shiga of Signifiant Signifié, bakes bread by using wheat purchased in the condition of crude wheat as much as possible, grinding it with a stone mill in the store, and homemade natural yeast. Breakfast is available from 7:30! You can enjoy coffee and freshly baked bread in "Budo-shu Shokudo Sakura" before going to work. You can also take them out! We sell bread famous for its addictive taste that you crave every day. *Our big hit chocolate stollen sold also at Wine Shop Sommelier Online Shop is made here, too!

Specializing in Homemade Sweets and Cakes Made with Carefully Selected Ingredients

This is a patisserie specializing in handmade cakes made with carefully selected ingredients. In addition to standard cakes, we offer a variety of seasonal sweets, cakes made with wine, baked sweets and macaroons, as well as desserts that are perfect for the last meal at our restaurants. * Some of the sweets sold at Wine Shop Sommelier Online Shop are made here.

Access to the Shop

Company Name Twenty-one Community Co., Ltd.
Trade Name Wine Shop Sommelier Online Shop
Address 21 Roppongi Building 6F, 6-1-12, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Contact Information
Contact Information TEL:03-5413-3213
FAX : 03-5413-3212
e-mail :
Establishment September 20, 1996
Representative Satoshi Morikawa
Store Operation Manager Keita Furusawa
Business Lineup Wine Business (import and sales of wine, operation of wine shops, mail order sales and wholesale business), Restaurant Business (direct operation of restaurants, bakeries and patisseries), and Restaurants Consulting Business